How to keep your information always up to date in a dynamic world?

One of the main advantages of the YOOU app is the full integration of your YOOU business card with you mobile phone. Withe just one tap, you not only update all your information on your card, such as address, phone and email, but also immediately update on all cards shared with your contacts.

This can be extremely advantageous in today’s world of such slight changes. In July 2020, for example, Fundação Instituto de Adminstração (FIA) collected information from 139 companies and found that 46% of them adopted the home office during the period of pandemic suffered by Brazil. In other words: this was the same number of people who had to update their addresses during the same period. With YOOU, this is painless, at least for your customers and business partners. When updating your address directly in the app, your virtual card stored on each of them’s cell phones is automatically modified, without the need for long e-mails explaning the news.

With YOOU, sharing your contact has never been easier. You can send it via all social networks, remotely, or use the app’s own QRCode technology to exchange contacts after a meeting with your customer or business partner. And you can do this worry-free when you change your address or phone: by updating your information in your app, all your contacts will also be updated in the apps of those with whom you’ve shared your data.

Join the professional evolution of the future with YOOU!

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