How does YOOU help micro-entrepreneurs to promote their business?

If advertising is the soul of the business, there is also no doubt that being seen and recognized is one of the main challenges for micro-entrepreneurs. And this is not an easy task: how to make your business or company stand out from a sea of ​​thousands of options?

Social networks are strong allies in this regard. With a strong digital campaign on the main platforms, it is possible to put your product or company in the mouth of the people, through content marketing and promoted posts.

But what about interpersonal relationships with your customers? A post on Facebook or Instagram certainly won’t be as effective in strengthening that business contact you’ve had for years

That’s where YOOU comes in, the 100% digital card exchange social network. Using YOOU technology, you, micro-entrepreneur, can spread your business to all your past or potential customers with just one click.

Just share all your data directly to the mobile phone you want to reach, or even use your card’s QRCode to share all your contacts at once after a meeting, at an event or even put it in your store or business for your customers to have access. And best of all, if you update any information, such as your address or phone number, it will also be modified directly with all your contacts.

Seeing and being seen isn’t just about making quick impressions after a post on a social network. The famous networking is also a fundamental part of the journey of always being in the thoughts of a potential customer. With YOOU’s interactive virtual cards, keeping in touch with your partners and customers has never been easier.

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