YOOU: a social network for the professional of the future

With the advancement of technology, the modernization of digital media and the growing need to establish lasting networks, having an application that organizes all your contacts in an easy and practical way, to the point of finding all the important information about your customers, teammates and competitors in one place is critical. It is with this in mind that YOOU, the social network for exchanging complete contacts of people and companies through interactive digital cards, arrived on the market. With it, you gather the main information of your contacts, such as name, telephone, address and social networks, in one place, in a fully interactive and digital way.

YOOU helps you to exchange contacts quickly, organized and securely. Furthermore, YOOU technology makes updates automatic and immediate. Say goodbye to sprawling email lists announcing that simple WhatsApp change: with YOOU, it’s all just a click away.

For those looking for sustainable options, YOOU is also for you. After all, with its 100% digital platform, YOOU does away with the waste of paper cards, storing all of your contacts’ important data without spending a single sheet.

Being a YOOU user does not mean that you will discard all old business cards. With the platform, it is possible to scan all your physical cards quickly and conveniently, to gather all your contacts in one place. And, when necessary, it is even possible to update the data of these cards directly in the app.

With YOOU, sharing your business cards has never been easier. You can share it with your contacts remotely, via social networks or email, or by proximity, for when you are at meetings or events, via QRCode YOOU or bluetooth.

To make your users’ lives even easier, YOOU talks directly to the main navigation and mobility apps, such as Waze or Google Maps, so you can reach your contact’s address for that all-important meeting or to close that one contract that will change the level of your company. In addition, the platform has several smart links to access social networks, send WhatsApp and SMS messages, schedule meetings and send emails on a one-touch basis.

YOOU is the easiest and simplest way to have all your personal or professional contacts in one place and, with just one click, chat with them, schedule meetings, update information and keep your networking always up to date. YOOU works as an interactive, multifunctional organizer inside your mobile phone. Discover the professional evolution of the future!

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