How to use social media for networking?

Good networking must encompass both the virtual and the real world. Exchanging business cards and shaking hands (in times of pandemic, always accompanied by lots of alcohol gel) are essential, however, without a strong online presence, you will have difficulties in leveraging your professional life. Online and offline strategies should be complementary so that you develop a solid reputation that motivates people to want to bond with you. So, check out some tips below for those who want to look good at the time of virtual networking on LinkedIn.

1. Be active in groups and forums in your area of ​​expertise

LinkedIn has specific groups to discuss the most varied subjects. Many of them even address only professional aspects. There are many conversations that can add to your professional career, allowing you to learn from the experiences of other people and also to share your position on the issues raised. So you will start to create a virtual personality that eventually can open up many paths for you in the real world.

2. Keep your profile and membership up to date

For a more accentuated online presence, it is not enough just to have a profile on the main social networks. It is also necessary to comment, like and share other people’s content, always trying to encourage some kind of discussion on your page or on the pages of third parties. Also, don’t forget to update your profile constantly. Remember that with the YOOU app, you can update all your information with just one tap, which is also immediately updated in your contacts’ apps.

3. Use and abuse hyperlinks and keywords

Keywords are powerful tools to get you noticed. Know the main terms of your industry well and abuse them. Top recruiters and market players will be looking for them on all social networks. Using hyperlinks will also help you stand out from the competition. In networks like Instagram, it is also necessary to know how to position yourself with the already famous hashtags.

4. Professionalism first

Remember: your online persona should behave the same way you behave in a professional meeting. Avoid getting into controversies, obey the grammar rules in all your texts and keep a balanced and objective posture. Anyone who knows you virtually will remember your friendliness there within the network forever.

5. Join the virtual with the real

Once you’ve created a trust within virtual applications, do your best to bring that relationship to the real world as well. Don’t let your virtual contacts stay only on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages: schedule coffees, meetings and meetings to sanctify the impression left on the social network.

These days, having a strong online presence is critical. With the tips above, you’ll be ready to take on the challenges of virtual networking and further strengthen your real-world connections.

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